Dinosaur Valentines

Dinosaur Valentines

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Get crafty and create these dinosaur valentines for the little loves in your life! We just adore the prehistoric Valentine puns like, “You make my heart saur!” and “You are dinomite!”, but the best part? You can download both cards here on our blog! Read on for instructions. 

What you’ll need:

– Baker’s Twine or Ribbon, like this.

– Dinosaur Toys, like these.

– Red Spray Paint, like this one that is certified toy safe.

– Card Stock

– Our downloadable e-cards, here and here.

– Hole punch


1) Coat the dinosaurs in a layer (or two) of red spray paint outside, or in a room with good ventilation. Set aside to dry.

2) Download and print out our Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Cards. Cut them to size using the crop marks as guides.

3) Hole punch the cards wherever you plan to thread your ribbon to tie the dinosaurs.

4) Once your dinosaurs are dry, thread your ribbon through your holes and tie them on.

These dinosaur valentines were inspired by these zoo animal valentines from  Blue Robin Cottage and these tiny animal valentines from Sweet C’s Designs.

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