DIY: Geometric Banner

DIY: Geometric Banner

We’re longtime lovers of whimsical décor adorning the windows and walls of our seaside Petunia Boutique, but with the recent release of our Mod Collection, we really wanted to emphasize the excitement we feel for the new geometric-inspired patterns. These modern, banners are adorable and versatile, and can be draped in kids rooms, entryways, trees, or on windows and walls!

Click through for instructions on how to create your own colorful Mod banners.

What you’ll need:

1. Pattern blocks, like these here.

2. Cotton Twine

3. Spray Paint

4. Hot glue gun and hot glue

5. Ruler

6. Scissors


Stretch out cotton twine on a work surface and cut it to the length you want. Pair two of the same shaped blocks together.

Place one block down flat on the work surface. Lay the twine on top.  Repeat this step with different shapes across the width of your twine. We spaced ours about five inches apart.

Press some hot glue over the string and block and then press the same shaped block on top. Hold them together until the glue dries.

Once the blocks have all been glued together along the length of the twine, lay them out flat and spray paint them any color you like. Once that side dries, flip your strand over and spray paint the other side (be sure to spray paint the twine as well)!

When both sides are completely dry, hang your geo banner wherever you want! We hung ours on windows, the chandelier, and entryways, but they’d be perfect just about anywhere.

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