Holiday Helpers

Free Printables: My Thanksgiving, My Christmas, and My Hannukah
Record their favorite holiday memories with these three FREE holiday printables. From their favorite holiday dishes to their list of gift-time wishes, capture the joy of this moment in time.
Holiday Airport Travel with Infants and Toddlers
More than 100 million Americans will travel this holiday season. And, for many of the smallest travelers, this will be their first flight! If you are making a trip with a little one at your side, check out these helpful guides to make your trip through the TSA and onboarding just a bit smoother.
Cherishing Cheer this Holiday Season

There is something magical about sharing the holidays with a child. Seeing every bright light and colorful window display through their eyes. Sharing their wonder and delight. Years from now, it’s not the shiny new toy or the brand new dress they’ll remember most. It’s the gathering of family and friends. The comfort and contentment of being together.

Christmas and Holiday Crafts for Toddlers

In addition to building fine motor skills, arts and crafts projects help children explore their creativity, learn patterns and counting, and recognize shapes and colors. These messy, colorful, wonderful activities are perfect for the holidays. 

Who is the girl on the trike?

The girl on the trike is Co-Founder DeNai Jones. When she was a child, her uncle captured this sweet moment on camera outside her grandparents' home.