Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Stylist

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Stylist

If you’ve browsed our website in the past day or two, you may have noticed the beautiful lifestyle images that showcase our new prints and patterns of the season. So much time goes into planning our photo shoots twice a year. It’s really truly a labor of love for our whole team, but the girl who spearheads it all is Kim Corona. From inspiration to post production photo editing, she has a hand in the whole process. So, we thought we’d take a minute to let her share about her favorite part of the job…styling! Read on for a bit about why she loves styling, how she does it, and what her favorite look of the season was. So without further adieu…the girl who makes beautiful photos (but hates having her own photo taken)…Kim.

What is the best part about your job?

I have the unique opportunity (since I work in-house) to work on every element that goes into a PPB photo shoot. The creative part is the most rewarding for me. Although coordinating models, locations, permits, etc. is crucial, styling the shoots is an area where I can let my creativity out. The best part for me, especially since I am involved in so many moving parts, is shoot day. There is so much prep leading up to shoots, to watch everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve come to life is fantastic! There’s a small rush of happiness when the model walks out and looks just right. When she looks good, she feels confident and makes some magic in front of the camera.

After the collection launches and a photo is posted on social media, I absolutely love seeing comments like “Where is that jacket from? I love it!” It means a lot to me that what we see and select here resonates and inspires women and moms everywhere.

How do you plan out the looks for each models?

The looks and the wardrobe direction start in the very early stages of planning. In most cases, ideas and inspiration begin forming in my head as soon as I see the prints floating around the design department. Along with that, I am generally keeping tabs on fashion on many levels; from fashion week(s) to what’s carried in store to magazines. So when it comes time for photo shoot planning, a mood board is created and from there a style board. Style boards are where my ideas and inspirations are able to take shape, they are a visual way for me to piece together and digest trends and relate them to PPB. It’s important to me that Korie, DeNai and Janelle all have input and are able to infuse some of their vision into the styling, so we meet to discuss direction along with some key inspirational looks. After that I fall into a sort of obsessive-wardrobe-gathering-hole. I scour the internet and pin, pin, pin to Pinterest. From there, looks are put together, edited, then narrowed down according to the key bags we plan to highlight with lifestyle shots.

Our Fall 2015 campaign is centered around “Being Petunia.” We loved the idea of creating looks that were more day to day, rather than special occasion. Wardrobe pieces that were easy to put together, but still really stood out. Fall is fun because I personally love coats and jackets!

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Stylist

Where are your favorite places to shop for wardrobe essentials?

What was your favorite look of the Fall ’15 photo shoot?

I have two favorite looks.

Allison (Image on left): I love myself a good dress, it’s one piece that can make such a statement without too much outfit planning.

Full-disclosure, this beautiful mom and model has been my closest friend for 25 years. I know her style and wanted it to reflect just that. As soon as I saw this dress and instantly knew it would look perfect on her. If we were shopping this is something I would suggest she try on and buy. I thought the City Carryall pairing was really fun because it’s a bit of a style-surprise. It brings a little edge to the bag that isn’t expected.

Farris (Image on right): This look is so great to me because it’s a simple outfit (jeans, t-shirt, jacket) that is easily taken to another level with the addition of some texture and contrast detailing in the coat.

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Stylist

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