Being Petunia: Allison

Being Petunia: Allison

Meet Allison, one of our models for the Fall ‘15 season. She is a talented freelance writer, but her most important role of all is mother to her two-year-old son, Jude. She’s has a penchant for travels, both near and far, which she hopes to pass along to her son. When Allison and her little family are away from home, she makes sure to pack certain essentials so she’s always prepared for whatever Jude might need. Click through to check out the must-haves she brings along in her Downtown Tote, and read the quote on motherhood that inspires her most.

Favorite Getaway:

San Sebastian, Spain

What’s in your bag:

Now that he’s a toddler I pack pretty light. I always carry a travel pack of wipes (I use the PPB wipes case : ) ) both for diaper changes and as an all-purpose clean-up tool, a Kid Kanteen water bottle, a fistful of toy cars/trains/trucks, an apple or another healthy portable snack, a zinc sunscreen stick, and of course my iPhone and wallet.

Quote or approach to motherhood that you adhere to:

Two years later, I am still bowled over by the fact that I grew, birthed and am now raising a real life person. So I relate to this quote excerpted from comedian Gilda Radner’s autobiography:

“To create a human being is a huge thing. It’s huge and scary—it’s an act of infinite optimism.”

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