Maternity Style: Summer Looks We Love

Maternity Style: Summer Looks We Love

We browsed the blogs of some of stylish mamas to gather some inspiration to help you look and feel your best while pregnant in the summer months. As demonstrated by the chic style of these five women, outfitting your bump in a dress is a great way to keep cool and beat the heat while expecting. Simply accessorize with a floppy hat, a bright colored tote, a cardigan for layering, or a cute pair of sunglasses.

Click through for some of our favorite summer looks.

Kelli Murray via

Kelli Murray via

Leanne Barlow via @leannebarlow | Leanne is carrying our Tailored Tote

Leanne Barlow via @leannebarlow | Leanne is carrying our Tailored Tote

Amber Clark via Barefoot Blonde

Amber Clark via Barefoot Blonde

Sam Wennerstrom via Could I Have That

Sam Wennerstrom via Could I Have That

Shannon Bird via | Shannon is carrying our Tailored Tote

Shannon Bird via | Shannon is carrying our Tailored Tote

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