5 Essentials Every Parent Needs When Traveling with Toddlers

There are few greater joys than getting to explore the world with your little ones. Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway, heading to your parents’ house for the holidays, or taking your kids on an international vacation, traveling with toddlers can either be a wonderful—or harrowing—experience. A simple way to ensure that your trip is enjoyable is smart packing. We’ve rounded up the five items you should never leave home without if you’re traveling with your toddler (or baby!) in tow.

A great carryall: Having the right travel bag can make all the difference in the world. The Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Live-for-the-Weekender offers a roomy, easy-to-carry-and-attach-to-luggage design, with a side zipper for quick access to essentials (key to travel with impatient toddlers!). An ideal bag for family travel, the stylish carryall perfectly fits the genius Inter-Mix Contents Caddy, which keeps everything organized in various-sized compartments so necessities are at the fingertips of parents at all times.

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Hand sanitizer: There’s no denying that toddlers will touch virtually anything they can get their hands on, from mud at the playground to gum stuck under a table in a café. So it’s important to have hand sanitizer at the ready when you’re traveling with little ones. If you’re looking for a chic way to keep this essential close by, Petunia Pickle Bottom makes a stylish leatherette hand sanitizer pouch  that easily clips onto your bag and in easy reach to help keep germs at bay wherever you go.


Snacks. Many Snacks. A hungry kid is a grumpy kid, and a grumpy kid is no fun to travel with. To ensure that tiny hangry travelers do not derail your fun with  tantrums, pack and bring multiple snacks in our handy accessories, like the insulated Cool Pixel Plus, the Sip Double Bottle Holder, the Snack Pouch, or the aptly named Bottle Butler. All are designed to carry alone or attach or carry within a larger travel bag, so happy times and tummies are always at your fingertips. 

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A set of board books: While it may be tempting to bring your toddler’s favorite picture book on vacation, it may get wrecked in the rigors of travel, and a beloved possession getting ruined just isn’t worth it. However, bringing a few board books in your travel bag means you can read to your little one while on the go without having to worry about damages.

Baby wipes: Whether your little one is still in diapers or you find yourself dealing with spills while on the go, a package of baby wipes can save the day when you’re traveling with toddlers. They’re perfect to  use for wiping hands, faces,  or even a questionably clean airplane armrest in a pinch.

While traveling with toddlers can be a challenge, if you’re armed with the right accessories, smart organization, a bit of patience, and a lot of humor, you can all arrive at your destination happy, healthy, and ready to explore. 

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