5 Genius Tips That Make Traveling with a Newborn a Breeze

The newborn stage can be tough for parents and babies alike, from the sleep deprivation to those difficult early feedings. Perhaps even harder than the newborn stage itself, however, is hitting the road with your little one in tow. Fortunately, your baby’s first trip doesn’t have to be a nightmare—by following these simple tips, you can make traveling with your newborn a breeze.
Wear a wrap: One of the simplest ways to make every single part of your travels easier—whether you’re driving, flying, or taking a train—is bringing a wrap with you. We've teamed up with the babywearing experts at MOBY wrap where trendy and high-quality unite: like the MOBY X Petunia Pickle Bottom Classic Wrap. This versatile wrap is one size fits all for all parents and caregivers and it offers multiple carrying positions as baby grows. Made with 100% cotton, baby will be comfortable and enjoying every moment of your trip.
Bring a multi-functional diaper bag: Traveling is already stressful enough, you want to make sure that all your baby items are packed and stored safely. The Boxy Backpack in Dusty Rose by Petunia Pickle Bottom is a great option with its multiple functionalities. With lots of pockets and its built in changing pad, it enables diaper changes anywhere and anytime...so no one has to be late for a flight due to a baby emergency. 
Bring plenty of books: Whether you’re driving or flying, having books on hand for your little one is essential to ensuring that you both make it to your destination in one piece. Bringing an assortment of options, including crinkly fabric books, board books, and activity books can help you bond with your little one during the trip while keeping them distracted and entertained. 
Wrap a few favorite toys: Instead of simply packing your baby’s toys for your trip, wrap them! Getting to watch you unwrap their favorite things will be an exciting surprise for your little—and when they get a bit bigger, they can help you unwrap them, too! 
Coordinate your flight time with nap time: If you want to ensure that your little one arrives at your destination in a good mood, do your best to book a flight that coincides with your kiddo’s nap time. Ideally, book a flight that takes off slightly after your baby would fall asleep at home—this way, they can be zonked out by the time the plane takes flight and avoid any cabin-pressure-related ear pain.
While traveling with a newborn may take some getting used to, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With a little know-how—and the right accessories—you and your jet-setting little can fly the friendly skies or hit the road in comfort and ease.



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