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Provisions Best Breast Pump Bag Petunia Pickle Bottom

Breastfeeding and pumping milk for your baby is a beautiful experience, and one that many parents cherish. 

Not only is breastfeeding a wonderful way to bond with your baby or toddler, but research also suggests that it’s a great way to set them up for future success.

Breastfeeding is associated with higher IQs later in life, as well as increased white matter development as compared to non-breastmilk-fed children, according to a study published in the journal Pediatric Research.

BMC Public Health says that children given breastmilk had a “significantly reduced risk of obesity” as compared to their non-breastfed counterparts.

However, parents who’ve recently returned to in-person work or otherwise find themselves away from their little ones know that it’s not always easy or convenient to bring a pump everywhere you go to express milk. 

Luckily, that’s where the Petunia Pickle Bottom Provisions Backpack comes in. 

This stylish backpack is the perfect pump bag for working parents, keeping not only your personal style, but your lifestyle in mind with its elegant design and impressive mix of fashion and functionality. 

What can I expect when I buy a Provisions Backpack?

While you could technically pop your pump into any old cooler bag or tote bag with an ice pack, it’s easy for your essential pump parts to get lost or dirty if they’re not in a bag that’s specifically designed for storing them.

With the Provisions Backpack, you’ll get a bag with optimal organization capabilities, ensuring that every part is right where you want it to be when you need it—and pristine, to boot. 

In addition to a spacious bottom compartment for your pump and accessories, this bag features a zippered padded tech compartment to fit up to a 17” laptop.

Unlike most bags that have only a shoulder strap, the backpack won’t put undue pressure on your shoulders, spine, or arms, ensuring that you stay comfortable all day long, no matter where your day takes you, for the stay at home mom or working moms. 

Does the Provisions Backpack fit a breast pump?

The Provisions Backpack does more than just provide room for essentials like your phone, keys, and wallet; in fact, it’s specifically designed to transport popular breast pump models. 

The breast pump bag is designed to work with all major breast pump brands, with room for the Medela's Freestyle or Pump in Style models, as well as accommodating the popular Spectra breast pump.  

Can the Provisions Backpack be used to carry pump parts and pump accessories?

It’s not just the pump itself that your Provisions Backpack can carry.  With a large opening and low bag weight, you can pack your Provisions bag with every pump accessory under the sun—from tubing to flanges—without feeling weighed down as you go about your day-to-day business.

Can the Provisions Backpack safely transport expressed milk?

In addition to having plenty of room for your pump and pump accessories, the Provisions Backpack is ideal for transporting expressed milk with you, with the 2-in-1 Provisions Backpack and Pump Kit Bundle. 

This combination set includes not only the Provisions Backpack, but a four-piece set that includes a carrying case, zippered cube, insulated pockets courtesy of the included milk bottle holder (which also boasts a PEVA lining), and a drawstring pouch ideal for holding all of the accessories you need to pump on the go. 

The bag also has expandable side pockets that are the perfect size for carrying a bottle of milk.

What Petunia Pickle bottom accessories work with the Provisions Backpack?

In addition to the pump kit bundle, the Provisions Backpack seamlessly integrates with one of Petunia Pickle Bottom’s most popular accessories, the Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit. Better yet, using the Inter-Mix system along with your Provisions Backpack ensures that your breastfeeding and pumping essentials are always organized and at hand when you need them. 

The front of the Provisions Backpack also has a large D-ring on it, allowing you to clip on your favorite Petunia Pickle Bottom accessories, from the At the Ready Wristlet to the Clip & Clean Hand Sanitizer Pouch to the immensely useful Pacifier Porter.

How can I clean my Provisions Backpack?

While the Provisions Backpack can transport your pump, pump parts, and expressed milk safely practically anywhere you might go, spills can happen from time to time. Luckily, if you do need to clean your bag, doing so is even easier than you might imagine. 

The bag’s exterior is water-resistant, meaning you won’t find your bag—or anything you’re carrying inside—ruined if you catch yourself outside in a drizzle. Better yet, both the bag’s interior and exterior are easily wiped down, meaning you can quickly and easily get rid of any dirt or debris that gets on your bag as you use it. 

If you use your Provisions Backpack with the Prompt Pump Kit Bundle, those pieces are easily cleaned, all you have to do is toss the carrying case, zippered cube, insulated milk bottle holder, or drawstring pouch into your washing machine. 

They will come out looking brand new in no time.


What can I use the Provisions Backpack for when I’m done pumping breast milk?

You don’t have to say goodbye to your beloved pump backpack, when your breastfeeding or pumping journey comes to an end. 

The Provisions Backpack is just as well-suited for work or travel as it is to store pumps and pump accessories.

With a padded tech compartment, a large front-open pocket with a magnetic closure, a large PEVA-lined lower pocket with room for shoes or gym clothes, and a trolley sleeve that easily attaches your backpack to a suitcase, the bag can work with your needs at every stage of life.

Finding the perfect diaper bag when you’re a pumping or a breastfeeding parent is no easy feat. 

However, with the Provisions Backpack in your accessories arsenal, you can pump with optimal organization, no matter where the day takes you.  

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