Behind the Spring 2016 Campaign

Behind the Spring 2016 Campaign

Shop Lex’s favorite bag: The Downtown Tote  Follow Lex: @lexbrinton

Shop Mei’li’s favorite bag: The Wistful Weekender  Follow Mei’li: @missesmeili

Shop Mei’li’s favorite bag: The Wistful Weekender  Follow Mei’li: @missesmeili

Shop Merrill’s favorite bag: The Boxy Backpack  Follow Merrill: @merzydotes

Shop Merrill’s favorite bag: The Boxy Backpack  Follow Merrill: @merzydotes

Shop Stephanie’s favorite bag: The Tailored Tote  Follow Stephanie: @stephsphotobooth

Shop Stephanie’s favorite bag: The Tailored Tote  Follow Stephanie: @stephsphotobooth

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