Everything You Need For a Memorable Winter Road Trip With Kids

Cold weather has finally arrived, and while that may mean those sunny days spent lounging on the beach are in the rearview, it also means that it’s the perfect time to start planning winter vacations with your little ones. However, it’s more than just mittens and winter coats you’ll need to pack to keep everyone happy on your travels.

Here’s what every parent should have in tow for a winter road trip to ensure smooth travels: 

A great organizer: What’s a well-considered packing list worth if you can’t find any of the items you’ve put inside it? The Petunia Pickle Bottom Intermix-Deluxe Kit, which includes four soft-sided zippered containers in a caddy that easily attaches to a bag or stroller, makes it easy to find everything from your little one’s favorite stuffy to an extra pair of socks to your water bottle during your winter travels. 

Blankets: Whether you’re waiting for the car to heat up or waiting for the radiator heat to kick in at your rental, having some extra blankets on hand can help ensure neither you nor your little ones get uncomfortably cold, even when the weather outside is chilly. 

Cell phone charger: The only thing worse than getting lost when it’s starting to snow outside? Getting lost and realizing your phone has a dead battery. Keep one (or a few) juiced-up chargers in your Petunia Pickle Bottom bag for your winter trip and you won’t have to worry about venturing far from an outlet during your travels.

Jumper cables: Make sure you’re able to keep your ride in good working condition this winter by having a pair of jumper cables on hand—they’ll certainly come in handy if you ever find yourself with a dead battery on a snowy day!

Extra socks: An encounter with a puddle can mean wet socks—and serious discomfort—for your little one in mere seconds. To ensure that everyone stays warm and comfortable, keep an extra pair of socks for everyone in your party on hand. 

Gloves for each family member: With back-up socks to take care of chilly toes, don’t forget to have extra mittens in your bag to keep little hands snug and warm. Bring a pair of gloves for everyone in the family when you head out for your winter adventures. 

A first-aid kit: Icy sidewalks can mean scrapes, bumps, and bruises you don’t anticipate—but you don’t have to let an injury derail your fun plans with your family. Keep a first-aid kit on hand—including some bandages, antibiotic cream, and alcohol wipes—and you can ensure those scrapes won’t sideline anyone in your family. 

The best winter trip you’ve ever taken is yet to come—and with a bag of essentials packed and ready to go, your kids will love it, too. 

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